Stephanie - Curly Hair Specialist

   My name is Stephanie, have my Masters in hairdressing and 31 years experience. From the beginning in my hairdressing carrier noticed that there was a lack of hairdressers who really understand how to cut curly hair. My own hair is curly, so I have always had  a personal understanding of the unique properties of curly hair and best care for it. You need to take into account the elasticity of the curl, the shape of the curl, texture of the hair and follow the pattern of the curl. With my customers I always offer a free consultation first, to establish what sort of previous experience they have had, how they want their hair to look, and what would be best for their type of hair. There are many different types of curly hair and each type needs to be treated slightly differently.  I follow the Curly Girl Method, and will dry cut curly types of hair and after will wash it and style. I a lways suggest non- sulphate and non silicone products to my customers as curly hair dries out very quickly. I have had countless people come in with flat, listless curly hair or thick, frizzy, unmanageable curls and I take huge pleasure in restoring the natural shape of their curls and helping them understand how to make their curls work best for them.  Curly hair is beautiful,and with the right cut and the right sort of care, anyone with a natural wave can have glorious, stess-free hair.

Curly Girl Handbook is our Bible

Following the CG method and the curl queen Lorraine Massey and her suggestions. 

Learning every day with curly hair guru Scott Masgrave.